Kristal tinctuur

 IMG_0379Kristaltincturen hebben een harmonieuze, balancerende werking op je energielichaam voor met name emotionele en mentale balans.

In mijn praktijk werk ik voornamelijk met de kristaltincturen wanneer de fysieke basis door de homeopathie is gelegd. Daarnaast zet ik ze in voor kinderen en volwassenen met slaapproblemen.

De Kristaltincturen maak ik op maat en stem ik persoonlijk af op de gebruiker.


Door de milde werking (milder dan homeopathisch) van kristaltincturen is het een natuurlijk middel dat goed gebruikt kan worden door kinderen, volwassenen als huisdieren.

Zo kan een kristaltinctuur worden besteld:

  • Stuur je een email naar

  • Vermeld: de naam voor wie de tinctuur is, de geboortedatum en het adres

  • Geef een kort overzicht van de klachten. Als mogelijk voeg je een recente foto toe

  • Maak het bedrag van €21,- (+ verzendkosten €3,- als je wilt dat het wordt verzonden) voor de tinctuur over op het rekeningnummer van de praktijk: NL 93 RABO 0146926803 t.a.v. M.K. Engelbregt

  • Het duurt nu 5-10 dagen voor je de tinctuur kunt ophalen of dat deze aan je wordt verzonden.

Disclaimer: een kristaltinctuur dient ter ondersteuning van, met name, mentale, emotionele en spirituele helingsprocessen. Het is geen regulier geneesmiddel. De tinctuur werkt mild en heeft een zachte uitwerking, ze zijn daardoor ook uitermate geschikt voor kinderen en huisdieren. Wanneer u (fysieke) klachten heeft raadpleeg dan een arts.




Crystal Tinctures

For the most harmonious effect all crystal tinctures are personally attuned. The energetic essence of the cosmic energy of different crystals, precious stones and minerals can be combined for one tincture so every tincture has its unique vibration per person.

The mild tinctures can be used by children, adults and animals.

Below you can read some information about the effects and working of the stonetinctures.

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Balance. Quartz Crystal is very powerful, it improves the relationship with the earth and heals the connection with the Self. Crystal helps to improve to feel the connection from the whole body to the feet. It brings harmony in the stomach and helps to heal the digestion. Crystal helps the body eliminate tension and stress and electrical cosmic vibrations. Crystal generates an acoustical vibration of the molecule structure in the  whole body.

Rose quartz

Love. Rose quarts is a helping hand to overcome emotions especially with feelings of sadness and after feelings of loss, when somebody you love pass away, a divorce (works also very well for the children that are involved), pain of living, disappointed love, difficult relationships and self sorrow. Rosequarts works directly on the heart and heartchakra and can be very helpful for heart condition, heart attack, opression of the heart and heart-breaking feelings.

Blue aventurine

Set free. This tincture helps with loosing blocades which are arised through feelings of fear, panic, anger, frustration and irritation. My experiences is that works very well for sleepingproblems (sometimes in combination with crystal or amethist). children that can not sleep on their own, adults worrying and not getting the deep sleep. Indication: doubt, little selfconfidence, sleeping problems, fear of awareness and intuitive perception. Blue aventurine improves the opening of the heartchakra to the throat. It gives physical when people feel tension in the throat, a press on the breast, or a sharp feeling on the Adam’s apple. Blue aventurine works best in combination with crystal or rose quarts.


Joy. Carneol activates the 2e and 3e chakra. It helps to open up for the reality of life and helps to feel joy.The orange energy can positively work out when you are dealing with emotions of loneliness and feeling locked up, while living between other peolple, or when you feel lonely in your development. Carneol helps freeing emotions of (karmic) anger, impotence feelings, powerlessness and helplessness. Carneol helps opening the connection between the digestioncanal and the throat. Therefore it is an important help as a tincture for people with problems with eating habits.


Shine. Diamant brightens your inner vibrations and power. With it’s vibration it helps to build a protection for your aura from inside. Diamant helps to feel the connection to your inner heart, it gives confidence and protection with your duties on the earth. Diamant can bring harmony between people and clear te communication.

Rose tourmaline

Inner power. Rose tourmaline gives you the power to act and to choose ‘what you really want’. It brings the connection between the heart and ground chakra. Rose tourmaline can help you being in your power when you are amidst of great transformations. It helps by moving house, homesickness, it can give a helping hand to overcome a divorce and it will help the emigrant dreaming of his mother country.


Awareness. Citrine works on the water elements in the body especially on the ground for our emotions. Citrine learns you to be aware of the emotions and to accept them without being the owner of all the heaviness it brings up. Citrine can help you to overcome your old patterns and to be aware of your awareness you had as a child. It helps freeing overtension and helps to focus on your body and senses right here and now. Citrine works on the whole water economy, bladder and kidneys and all emotional blockades you are holding in place. It works very well for sensitive kids and adults who are getting to much energy from their environment and have bladder- or kidney ignition.  It also can be a great help for adults to free them from old trauma’s.


Note: The tinctures are no regular medicine. They only serve for supporting the mental and spiritual healing processess. When you are physical ill, or when you are emotionally deeply depressed please ask your Doctor for help!